When we learn something new we feel good. If you are a leader or manager of others and can help develop them , you will have more motivated and productive staff. Here are some tips to boost your abilty to develop others.

1. Help them to analyse what learning gaps they have – try this quick questionnaire to analyse gaps

2. Understand your role in helping people learn

3. Understand the difference between “training” and “learning”

4. Be “available” to others – give people a little time

5. Understand how people prefer to learn – it’s not always attending a training course

6. Give constructive feedback where possible

7. Give people time to develop

8. Become a 5 min coach – Little and often

9. Utilise peoples strengths to share best practice and mentor others

10. Invest in a Coach to  develop others – Contact denise@enablingtransitions.co.uk for more details about how coaching can be a quick and cost effective way to develop yourself and others..