I’m a YOU Coach – What Does This Mean?


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I am not a Life Coach but I can help you change your life.

I am not a Business Coach yet I can help you be more successful in your business.

I am not a Leadership Coach but I can help you be more successful as a leader.

I am not a Career Coach but I can help you be more successful in your career.

What is different about a YOU Coach is that everything I do with YOU is completely bespoke to YOU

What do people come to Coaching about?


*work problems*relationship issues*work/life balance

*people issues*getting a new job*communication skills*life planning

*life issues*stress*depression*anxiety*time management

*confidence*motivation* self-esteem*loneliness*team building

*leadership issues*managing people*changing bad habits

What happens in Coaching?


The initial conversation  is a “getting to know each other session”. Typically I tell you a bit about me, you tell me a bit about you, We discuss a potential coaching agenda and then we have a short coaching conversation.

From this I’ll recommend  a possible coaching programme.

You can opt to have a long-term monthly coaching relationship, a short package of three or six sessions or a one-off Power Session – it is your choice!

I provide a variety of support material to support each approach. useful some behavioural analysis will be offered. I use a variety of different analysis tools including Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Communication for Results, Transactional Analysis, 360 Degree Feedback and Strategic Competencies Assessment etc.


Sessions generally take place via Skype. 121 meetings are also available.

So what do YOU want to change in your business, career, job or life? What do YOU want to improve?