Do you want to a cost effective way to develop your people?

Do you want to develop your people without them being away from their jobs for long?

Do you want practical training for your people that is focused on your business / organisation?

If so then Enabling Transitions will help.

We have a range of practical cost and time effective workshops, a sample are listed below. Other workshops are available if the topic you are interested in is not listed below, please ask. These workshops offer an excellent way for employees to meet their CPD hours.

Leadership Style

  1. Understanding the Business
  2. Strategic “All-Rounder” Assessment
  3. 360 Degree Feedback
  4. Understanding self as a Leader

Managing Change

  1. Understanding Change
  2. Communicating change
  3. Helping people adapt to change
  4. Career support

Managing Performance

  1. Managing Performance –the easy way
  2. Planning – Objectives
  3. Doing – 121s, coaching, feedback
  4. Review – Practical Approach

Managing Yourself

  1. Communicate for Results
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Planning and organising
  4. Decision making

Managing Others

  1. Getting the best out of people/teams
  2. Good practice – motivation
  3. Good practice – Delegation
  4. Modern Meetings

Managing Learning

  1. Assessing Learning Needs
  2. 10 min Coach
  3. Get your money’s worth from Training
  4. The Power of Action Learning

These Workshops work for your organisation because;

  • You can pick and mix the workshops to get the right ones for your business.
  • The Action Learning approach means that people focus on their jobs / roles during the workshop.
  • You can pick 2/3 workshops and create programmes to suit your needs – it’s up to you!
  • The workshops have an added benefit of boosting confidence and moral.

The workshops offer a cost /time effective way to develop your people.

To discuss further please contact Denise on 07921613646

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