IMG_7051You can see my dogs Jeffrey and Monty have a hard life being lazy!

There are different types of laziness. For instance you could be working hard all week or for a period of time, like during exams and then allow yourself to be lazy at the weekend and have a “duvet day” or watch boxsets all weekend. This is “healthy” laziness. On the other hand you could be a person who is winding away time during the day, every day or week doing unplanned things when you have more important things to be doing. So this could be activities like watching daytime television, playing online games or excessive social media. One of my coachees uses the term “busy doing nothing” to describe her habit of being seemingly busy all day but not actually busy on the right things. This often results in a feeling of “achieving nothing”. And this can be seen as unhealthy laziness.

So what type of lazy are you? Healthy or Unhealthy?

Healthy laziness tends to be more controlled or planned. On the other hand unhealthy laziness tends to be much more out of control or unplanned. Unhealthy laziness is a form of procrastination. This procrastination is rooted in either being demotivated, in general or about the specific task, feeling overwhelmed by the task, or life, or fear of failure.

“Lazy” is the negative term people use about this procrastination. People often use this term to beat themselves up about not being productive…. “I am so lazy!” If you label ourselves in this negative way it can make a person feel worse and can lead to more inactivity. More seriously unhealthy laziness can lead to stress, depression and anxiety.

So what can you do to combat unhealthy laziness?

Here are some tips to combat it

  1. Check if you are being healthily lazy or unhealthily lazy
  2. Work out why or when you are being unhealthy with your laziness
  3. Work out the benefits of the task you need to get done
  4. Disrupt the daily routine you have
  5. Plan in some “healthy” lazy time -reward yourself with time to be lazy
  6. Meditate when you catch yourself being unhealthily lazy
  7. Go for a short walk
  8. Exercise
  9. Monitor yourself daily / weekly
  10. Reward yourself for completing tasks

Here are two great articles with more information

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So are you a procrastinator?Procrastination is the thief of time

Do you find yourself wasting time?

Do you have the same few tasks appearing on your To-Do list time and time again?

Do you want to be more productive everyday?

If you answered yes to these questions then this short online workbook will be ideal for you. Procrastination has always been a problem for me personally and as a coach I coach many people about it. It is a continual problem for many people. This course gets to the bottom of what procrastination is and what types of procrastination exist. The course examines where procrastination comes from and the problem it causes. There are specific lectures with tips to deal with “Perfectionism”, “Distractions”, if you “Don’t know where to start” and if you “Don’t want to do a task”? In addition to video lectures there are exercise sheets to download and complete so that you can really make use of this course and improve your procrastination. If you complete this course fully then you will have…

  • an understanding of procrastination
  • an understanding of your own procrastination habits
  • strategies to deal with procrastination immediately

With videos and exercises this course will take 1-2 hours. But the beauty of the course is that you can come back time and time again to get an injection of procrastination help! No more time wasting – let’s get stuck in!