I often meet people who appear very confident but tell me that their confidence is something they have learnt to do…..a bit like putting a mask on or an overcoat.

I also meet people who have learnt to act confident but are fed up of acting and want to be authentically confident.

So what is true confidence?

Is it the bubbly larger than life personality or the person who can talk to an audience with ease?
It can be hard to believe but the most overtly confident people are often those that lack confidence and have low self-esteem.


So what are the traits of authentically confident people?
1. Confident people don’t need to “bling themselves up“…. They have no need to brag, pretend or talk about themselves.
2. Confident people are “quiet” about their confidence…..they exude it without saying anything. They have a way of making people feel comfortable in their presence.
3. Confident people are self-aware and their impact on others.
4. Confident people accept themselves warts and all. They are not afraid to show that they are not perfect.
5. Confident people accept others for who they are and look at the positives in people.
6. Confident people have a “half full” mind set – positive and healthy.
7. Confident positive people are “solutions focused” not “problem centric”.
8. Confident people make other people feel good about themselves. Confident people are very accepting of others.
9. Confident people have a “can do/ have a go” mentality…..and if it doesn’t work they don’t beat themselves up about it.
10. Confident people accept compliments from others and appreciate that other people enjoy giving compliments.

TIME TO REFLECT: What do you do that shows people your authentic confidence? What do you need to do more of to be a real authentic confident person?

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