Calling all Leaders who want to be better Leaders – Is this you?


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Leaders stand with employees

Technological advances are changing the way we live and do business. There is a challenge to continually deliver customer satisfaction. For many companies the saying “you have to change to stand still” is true. There is continuing pressure to respond quickly to market needs and to continuously innovate.

As a result many companies need to get more and more from their employees. More skills, quicker work, more performance, more initiative, more creativity and more openness to change.

This means the way people are lead and managed is crucial.

There is a need for leaders to demonstrate

  •  A high level of interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate, motivate and mobilise people towards focused and shared goals.
  • The ability to create a positive working climate so that people feel free to challenge and communicate their concerns and ideas
  • Involving people in decision making processes so that they can contribute to the objectives of the company

This style of Leadership is called Empowering Leadership

By the end of this NEW COURSE you will

  • Understand what makes some leaders “great”
  • Learn what is an empowering leadership style
  • Appreciate the benefits of an empowering leadership style
  • Recognise the barriers to using an empowering leadership style
  • Work out how to combat some of the barriers to implementing an empowering leadership style
  • Assess your strengths and development areas to be a more empowering leader
  • Learn tips to develop your empowering leadership style
  • Create an action plan to boost your empowering leadership style

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