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Are any of you like me? Sometimes I have procrastination under control but it has a sneaky way of creeping up on me?

Procrastination: The Cure

James Caan (CBE) the successful UK entrepreneur has recently written an article called James Caan – The Cure Of course being a huge procrastinator I eagerly read it. The Cure is a simple one of “motivation” but I was impressed that in recognising this he spends time motivating his team.

James Caan Procrastination


In addition to this he offers three tips -

1. Lists,Lists,Lists - just list the 5 most important things

2. Just DO IT!Start something on the list

3. Take a break! – Stop thinking about it for a while

Dealing With PerfectionismBrendon_Burchard_Contact2_030414

Perfectionism is a regular issue for many procrastinators. I came across this video by Brendon Burchard, a New York Times Best Selling Author called “Procrastination and the Perfectionist” and thought it was useful to share.


Procrastination The MusicalProcrastination The Musical

I had to share this light-hearted look at procrastination…. next time you catch yourself procrastinating then playing this song will make you smile but hopefully prompt you into action. Procrastination – The Musical

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