Goal Setting

We’re more than half-way through the year. Have you achieved what you set out to achieve? Are you on target? Maybe you drifted into the year and are now thinking, “Is it Summer already, where has the time gone?”






Wherever you are up to in your life plan it’s always good to check where you are up to.

So let’s do a mini review…What are you planning to achieve this year? And more importantly how are you progressing towards your goals?

HealthWhat did you want to achieve this year… lose weight, get fitter, run a marathon, eat more veg, drink more water? Have you started to take care of yourself? How are you doing?

FinanceWhat did you want to achieve this year? Reduce your credit card bill, sort out your pension, build up your savings? How are you managing your debt /money?

Work / BusinessWhat did you want to achieve this year? Are you working towards the promotion, Have you taken the plunge with your new business? Have you launched that new venture? Where are you up to in your career?

HouseWhat did you want to work on this year? Have you managed to de-clutter that room? Have you tidied the garage? Have you started that decorating? Is home is where the heart is?

RelationshipHave you made changes in your relationship so you are not rowing as much? Are you spending more quality time together? Have you filed for divorce? Have you started online dating? Are you happier?

Family and friendsAre you calling home more often? Are you spending quality time with your family and friends? Have you made contact with friends you have lost touch with? Are you looking after the people closest to you?

SelfAre you making time for you? Are you pampering yourself? Are you watching that TV series you like or reading that book? Are people around you not taking you for granted? Are you respecting yourself?

Life BalanceAre you managing to balance the demands of work, friends, family and life? Are you still working too much? Are you spending time on your hobbies? Are you living?

Future FocusHave you managed to move nearer to the future you want? Have you got clarity about what you want in the future?


So what do you need to focus on to achieve more this year or just get back on track?


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