Performance Management

Do you want to manage your people in a professional way?

Do you want to engage your people in what you are trying to achieve in your organisation?

Do you want to empower and motivate your people?

If so Enabling Transitions will help….

What gets measured gets done

This is a quote  often attributed to Leadership guru Peter Drucker, which in essence sums up Performance Management.

Performance Management is crucial to sucessful organisations.

It involves a simple model of…

  • PLANNING what you are going to do

  • DOING what you have planned


  • REVIEWING what you have done

Performance Management can offer so many benefits both to employees, leaders and organisations. The benefits include:

Clarity, purpose, direction, improving performance, improving service, reducing complaints, increasing efficiencies,motivating employees, empowering employees, developing employees, engaging employees, improving moral, increasing pride in work and proud to work for the company,gives managers a structured framework to manage people by, helps managers to keep on top of performance, helps managers nip problems in the bud, helps managers to be better managers, helps managers to mange performance issues.

Contact Enabling Transitions now if…

You want to manage the performance of your organisation more effectively

You want to be more performance focused and if you want to drive performance

You want easy to implement Performance Mangement processes and paperwork

You want your employees and managers to be trained to manage performance