Enabling Transitions has an enviable track record and has worked with wide range of organisations in the public and private sectors. Organisations include:

  • B & Q PLC
  • Servier Laboratories including working with GPs, Hospitals and Retail Chemists
  • Help The Aged
  • Iceland Frozen Foods
  • Topps Tiles
  • Royal London Insurance
  • MyTravel plc
  • All 15 Lancashire Local Authorities ( Lancashire Leadership Programme / Team Lancashire)
  • North West Improvement Network
  • North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership
  • PINNA Ltd
  • Lancaster University


Jane Houghton -Fenning – Community and Business Partners, Business Development Director

Denise is a fantastic trainer and facilitator who delivers material to a consistently high standard. She is client focussed and ensures inclusion is at the heart of all she does to enable each learner to gain the maximum impact from the training. Great person, great trainer, great results.

Deborah Ashton – Executive Director of Policy, Team Lancashire

I am pleased to provide this reference for Denise based on her work for “Team Lancashire” during the period 2007 – 2010. Team Lancashire comprises the political and chief officer leadership for the fifteen local authorities within the wider Lancashire area; it has a mandate to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the tiers of local government. Lancashire County Council is the accountable body for this sub-regional partnership.

Denise was a very well respected, popular and effective colleague and she was responsible for developing and delivering a range of bespoke programmes and projects, including initiatives to support elected member development; cohesion; workforce planning and tackling employee under-achievement.

At all times Denise acted in a professional manner and we received consistently positive feedback on both the style of her approach and the impact of her work – especially with individual Councillors. Denise’s work contributed significantly to the wider success of Team Lancashire, as reflected in assessments carried out by the North West Regional Improvement and Efficiencies Partnership (RIEP).

I would have no hesitation in recommending Denise as an effective, highly motivated Programme Manager, who is able to operate in a complex and challenging environment and I would be more than happy to provide a more detailed reference if required.

Vivienne Ettenfield – Vivacious Designs, Founder

A BIG thank you to Denise for all her continuous support and guidance. Denise is a inspiration to me, a high source of encouragement, a excellent listener and she continuously gives me strength to drive me and my business forward. Denise also introduced me to the Ladies BforB Group, who are based at the Norman Jepson, Preston. The group is AMAZING and Denise is the Group Leader, were she successively promotes a relaxed welcoming referral group for business women. I highly recommend being part of the Ladies BforB, and more importantly having Denise and the group make a difference to your life.

Dawn – Business Analyst, XchangeHR

I’ve had 1 to 1 coaching from Denise and have also been to her workshops. She has lots of experience and is very good at motivating. She has helped me to set realistic and achievable goals. Her workshops are fun and she practises what she preaches. She is also very real so can identify with problems and issues again helping to bring clarity and focus.

Tom Lambert, Director, Candidsky

Huge thank you to Denise who has been mentoring me for the past 6 months. Her insightful wisdom and advice has been invaluable in my development as a young businessman. My experiences with Denise have helped me to overcome both business and personal related challenges while giving me some interesting food for thought. Highly recommended.

Darren Crossley – Deputy CEO at Carlisle City Council

Denise has provided me and the organisation I worked for great support as a trainer, HR advisor and career coach. Denise excelled as a coach and also did a great job developing our bespoke competencies framework. I would be happy to recommend Denise to other organisations and individuals looking for expert, high value support and advice. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Susie Kirkham – Manager at J W Kirkham & Sons (Eastham) Ltd

Denise is a very insightful, astute coach. She immediately puts you at your ease with her relaxed approach, whilst picking up on what makes you tick and enabling you to work things out for yourself. My experience working with her totally transformed the way I look at my business and my personal life and the important relationship between the two. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Colin Burbidge – MD Lancashire Wine School

As my coach Denise has given me the focus I require to direct my business toward growth. Her creative skills allow me to build on and expand on my own ideas giving my business initiatives greater scope and therefore greatly enhanced chance of success. I would recommend to anybody the value of Denise’s coaching services – just give it a try you’ll get quick results. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Jo Royle – Coach, Trainer, Pinna

Just attended Denise’s first Personal Development Club event in Preston tonight… Brilliant! It was a session on setting goals and I got loads out of it, even though I spent 1/2 a day last week on goal setting! At one point I was concerned I wasn’t going to get value from the workshop… How wrong I was! I learnt new things as well as things I already thought I knew how to do! I’ve left with SMART goals for 2011 and actions I can (and WILL) take this week to move them forward! Loved the material and Denise’s style of facilitation. I’ll definitely be attending some of the future weekly sessions.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Kath Bell – Utility Warehouse Expert

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

I have attended Denise’s Coaching Group on a number of occasions and am so pleased I did! Denise creates an environment which feels safe, welcoming and fun, thus enabling her clients to get the most from her very practical sessions. Denise has helped me prioritise areas of both my business and personal life and given me the tools to move both forward. I would recommend Denise’s sessions to anyone looking to improve themselves and their business. I am also a member of the Ladies BforB group where Denise is Group Leader. Denise works tirelessly to promote the group, and actively seeks to help all its members. She is a very genuine, caring professional and I have a lot of admiration for her.

Mike France -County Councillor, Lancashire County Council

In my role as Borough Councillor and more recently County Councillor, I was invited to attend the Team Lancashire training programme. The whole programme was run and organised by Denise. I felt that this programme was one of the best training programmes that I have ever been on and the modules included in the programme certainly helped shape my professional role as well as helping me develop my personal character. The programme was well administered and the communication was thorough. Delegates came from all over the County and from different organisations and speakers/presenters also came from far and wide, I assume a lot of planning was necessary to pull it all together. Denise did a great job and delivered the programme with flair and humour despite having her leg in plaster for most of the time. I whole heartedly recommend Denise to any company/organisation looking for a training programme manager.

Pam Blackwell- MD, All Things Sorted

I first met Denise in December 2011 although we had been conversing via twitter for some time (it does work!) Denise is very personable and shows interest and concern in all that she does. Her coaching style is relaxed yet focussed and most certainly achieved results with me in giving my New Year the kick start it needed. I have already put into action ideas that have truly made a difference, both in my professional and personal life. Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Grace – Vice Principle, University

It can be hard to differentiate between coaching services – for me it was the investment Denise made in me before we even met that made me decide. At what was quite a difficult time personally and professionally, she took the time to listen and let me explore, as much to help me there and then, as to help me decide if coaching was right for me at all. As we began our journey, I found the way that she continued to listen and ask the right questions invaluable. At all times Denise demonstrated real empathy and an understanding of my situation which I felt enabled me to get to grips and find a way forward.

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