What Symptoms of stress do you experience? What can you do about it?

Life events occur to most of us over a lifetime, and change our lives in some way.

The emphasis here is on change – the events themselves can be positive or negative. Too many changes due to events, in a short period, can lead to negative stress and ill health.

Do you experience any of the following symptoms of stress?

Physical Symptoms: Tight neck / shoulders. pounding heart, chest pain, headaches, high blood  pressure, upset stomach, sleepiness, sleeplessness, sweating, rashes, fatigue

Emotions: Depression, anger, irritability, anxiety, low self-esteem, apathy, impatience, negativity, hysterical silliness, out of control

Behaviour: Overeating, forgetting to eat, arguing, neglecting personal hygiene, increased smoking, sleep patterns changed, forgetfulness, negativity, shouting at your friends and family

 10 things you can do about stress

  1. Exercise more
  2. Find ways to relax
  3. Breath slowly and deeply - take in more oxygen
  4. Positive self talk
  5. Talk to a friend
  6. Look after yourself
  7. Keep a check on the reality of the situation
  8. Set some goals and priorities
  9. Write down how you are feeling
  10. Humour – laugh more

Time to Reflect:  Let me know how stress impacts on you and any other tips you have to cope with stress? Contact me at denise@enablingtransitions.co.uk if you need further help and support