There are many approaches to coaching:


Business Coaching: about enhancing business performance

Business Mentoring: coaching in a particular aspect of the business eg Finance

Career Coaching: about enhancing career prospects

Life Coaching: about enhancing personal satisfaction in life


Executive Coaching deals with all of the above areas.Typically an executive coach will work to build self-awareness and responsibilty that will lead to sustainable change.


Coaching has its roots in sports. Most top sports people and teams have a coach, not just for technical abilty and skill but for self-belief and self-awareness. Successful Executives have taken this lead and see Executive Coaches as a way of enhancing their performance and being a “Strategic All-rounder”.

Executive Coaching is most successful when a person has a…

  • Desire to change
  • Desire to improve
  • Desire for feedback
  • Desire for action

Typical Coaching Agendas

Strategic business issues / planning Personal organisation/time management Leadership development  / mentoring
Behavioural change issues Influencing skills Enhancing personal Impact
Relationship issues Newly promoted Career change
Life/work balance Personal development Career development
Dealing with people issues Building high performing teams Developing emotional intelligence
Dealing with organisational politics Problem solving on complex issues Not sure what direction to go

Executive Coaching deals with the Executive as a person and is bigger than goal setting.

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