Successful people always seem to want to learn more and develop themselves further. They actively seek out personal development opportunities. So do you have a personal development plan? If you want to boost your personal development and enhance your success, here are some tips to help.

1. Identify your development gaps, try this quick questionnaire

2. Set development goals for yourself

3. Produce action plans about how you are going to develop yourself

4. Immerse yourself in what you need to develop

5. Think about how you prefer to learn i.e. if you want to learn a new sport; don’t buy a book to read about the subject if you learn by having a go. Equally if you like to understand the detail about learning a new sport then exploring the theory in some way will be your preferred learning style, not jumping in feet first

6. Create greater learning by using more than one method to learn

7. Search the Internet for tips

8. Join an online group / forum for people who are interested in what you want to learn about

9. Find and read a good book on the subject

10. Invest in a Coach to drive your self- development – Contact for more details about how coaching can be a quick and cost effective way to develop yourself.