In the current economic climate, how the team pull together and how you lead them is crucial to success. Here are some Quick Tips to “Boosting the Team you work in or Lead”

1. Consider what you could do to be a better team player / team leader

2. Deal with conflict in the team and If you create conflict in the team – then banish it

3. Make an effort to create a good team spirit in the team by creating a fun atmosphere.

4. Be positive about others and play to their strengths – not what you don’t like about them.

5. Never dump your moods onto others – they don’t deserve it

6. Celebrate the successes of other / all people in your team

7. Be helpful and supportive to others in the team

8. Pay attention to other team members – give them one to one time

9. Consider what the team can be proud of and celebrate it.

10. Develop your team – Contact for details about team development, planning days and objective setting sessions

Time to Reflect:

Do your team work well together? What can you do to make your team even more effective?