Blue Monday Woman

Monday 15th January 2018

is the most depressing day of the year!

Commonly known as Blue Monday in the UK

It’s cold! Very cold and dark! + Christmas bills need paying + New Year’s resolutions have failed = Blue Monday!!


It occurs on the third Monday of January. This year it is 15th January. Although some people would claim it covers the whole of January!

I think we can conclude that many people feel a bit down at heart.

We all need a little motivation from time to time – here are 50+ fun ideas to give you a boost.

A Accept yourself, accept others
B Be bold, Be strong, Be happy
C Create something, Care for others
D Dance, drink wine, dance wildly
E Eat healthily (but still have treats)
F Feed your mind, face challenges, focus
G Girls have fun! Gin and Tonic
H Help others, Hug with feeling
I Ignite your passions, ignore negativity
J Jump through your comfort zone
K Kiss more
L Laugh, Learn, Love
M Make goals, Make someone’s day
N Never give up on what you want
O Own a pet
P Plan for change, Procrastinate less
Q Quit something /someone bad
R Reinvent yourself, Reset your goals
S Smile, Shop, Speak kindly to yourself
T Trust your gut feel
U Unleash your inner goddess or god!
V Value yourself, value others
W Walk, Wine and no whining!
X Xtra va va voom!
Y Yes! Say yes more to YOU!
Z Zesty attitude, Zesty life

Just print them off and work through the ideas A-Z or just find the ones that appeal to you….and get that ZEST back in your life!

Get the life you want