In this current tough economic climate customers are thinking twice before spending money. One way to ensure customers choose to spend with you is to make sure you really look after them. Here are some quick tips about Customer Focus.

1. Put the customer at the “heart of everything you do”

2. Give purpose to everyone’s roles by linking their roles back to the customer

3. Adopt the idea that “the customer is always right”

4. Don’t forget your internal customers and treat them well too

5. Ask internal and / or external customers for feedback

6. Understand the customer by putting yourself in their shoes

7. Customer Focus = customer service + exceeding customer expectations

8. Go the extra mile for customers – they will remember it

9. Look at other customer service providers for ideas to improve your customer relationships

10. Whatever you do don’t over promise!

Time to Reflect: How customer focused are you? Have you been looking after your regular customers? What else could you do to be more customer focused?