Practical Issues

In a time of change and often a time of stress sometimes it is useful to focus on what needs to be done at that moment. For most people this means looking at the practicalities of your situation. This is sometimes called the survival technique because it’s about looking after yourselves and your family.

 If you can deal with these practical matters as soon as possible then this will be one less thing you will need to worry about in the future. Sometimes being practical can start you moving through the change curve. When you have looked at your practical situation, knowing that you have done all that you can do at this time can be satisfying.

Finally looking at practical things now rather than later when you may be busy with job hunting will help keep your stress levels at manageable levels.

Useful practical steps you can take immediately

  1. Look at your financial situation to assess how critical your situation is.
  2. Take action immediately and contact the relevant Benefits Office to find out what you are entitled to, and fill in the relevant forms. The quicker you do this the quicker your forms will be processed.
  3. Find out what household payments you can reduce – often by discussing your situation with the relevant people you can obtain great support.
  4. Begin budgeting immediately.
  5. Keep in your mind that this is a temporary situation and will not last forever.