In the current climate where we all seem to be needing to do more with less, whether it is more tasks to do with less time or less cost. Being efficient and effective with your planning can impact on how well you use your time and what you achieve. Planning effectively can also help you to feel less stressed and in more control. Here are some handy tips to improve your ability to plan

1. Write a “TO DO” List daily / weekly – sometimes we get out of the habit.

2. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound)  objectives to make the objectives strong.

3.  Write down your objectives – this can create more commitment than keeping them in your head

4. Set up Action Plans

5. Prioritise tasks according to urgency and importance

6. Think creatively about how to achieve the objectives  by the deadlines – there is often a different way to do things

7. Analyse what side- tracks / derails you from your plans

8. Plan 80% of your time to allow for admin or reactive pulls on your time

9. Be alert to unexpected potential problems

10. Keep people involved aware of progress to date

Time to Reflect: In what way could your planning be better and what impact does better planning have on your life?

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