Are you restructuring or making changes at work and want to do it well?


Is change affecting you directly either at home or at work?


Do you know where you want to be in 20 years time and would you like to know how to get there?


   If so then Enabling Transitions will make it happen.


Transitions are when an individual, team or organisation “move” from one place, state, form or style to another. It could be a career transition, a life transition, culture change or organisational restructure. Transitions are “change”    

Have you ever experienced any of these transitions? Perhaps you are experiencing one of these transitions right now? 

  • Changed your job
  • Been promoted
  • Had a baby
  • Relationship broken up
  • Been made redundant
  • Experienced restructuring

If you are a business owner or leader you may be implementing transitions such as; 

  • Expanding the business
  • Downsizing
  • Restructuring
  • Culture Change


Change Curve

Whatever the transition there is always an impact on the individual(s) concerned. Sometimes the impact is positive but sometimes the impact is negative.    

With the correct support, transitions can be made as positive as possible.The key to making transitions and changes as positive and smooth as possible is to understand the impact change has on people.    

People tend to go through all the stages of change shown in the Change Curve and go through these at different speeds. Acknowledging this with individuals and supporting them will help them move through the stages more smoothly    




Time to reflect: What transitions have you experienced in your life or career? Have you experienced Transitions which have impacted on you deeply and where you have struggled to move on? Have you experienced transitions where reaching “Moving on” has been more rapid and smooth?

Enabling Transitions specialises in Transition Support Packages including: One to One coaching, group sessions and support materials. 

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