Assess and develop your empowering leadership style so you can get the best out of people


Are you a manager who wants to learn about an empowering leadership style?

Are you a new manager and want to be a great leader?

Are you hoping to be a manager in the future and want to learn more about empowerment?


The world of work and organisations has changed tremendously and due to technology the pace of change at work is rapid. There is a challenge to continually deliver customer satisfaction, respond to market needs and to continually innovate. As a result there is an increasing need to get more and more from employees. More skills, more work, more performance, more initiative, more creativity and more openness to change.

This means the way people are lead and managed is crucial. This style of leadership is called “Empowerment”.

This course delves into what this style of leadership is, the benefits of the style, what gets in the way of implementing the style. Leaders will be able to assess themselves and then create an action plan to develop their empowering leadership style further.

What do students say about this course?

“A modern leader MUST be an “empowering leader” to succeed today. Denise gives an accurate and concise description of an empowering leader, the barriers you may face, and how to overcome those  barriers. This course is a good addition to your overall leadership development process.” – Lawrence

What Will You Learn?

  • Recognise what makes some managers great leaders
  • Appreciate what an empowering leadership style is and the benefits of using this style and the barriers to becoming an empowering leader
  • Assess your strengths and development needs and create a development plan to be a more empowering leader
  • Learn tips to develop and boost your empowering leadership style

There are three main sections to this course

  1. What is meant by an empowering leadership style?
  2. Self-assessment of your own empowering leadership style
  3. Creating an empowering leadership development plan

This course is made up of video lectures taking you on a journey of personal leadership style discovery. It will be a good idea to get a pen and pad to jot down your thoughts as you go through the lectures. The great thing about video lectures is that you can stop, start and replay as often as you like so you can learn at your own place. On top of this if you have questions or want to discuss anything than you can message me in the course or privately.

One thing is certain though…If you action the learning from the course you WILL BE more empowering as a leader

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