Learn why you procrastinate, what you procrastinate about and

tips to stop procrastinating at work and in your life.


Do you find yourself procrastinating when you have a lot to do?

Do you find the same tasks on your to-do list time and time again?

Do you want to be more productive and stop wasting time?

This course gets to the bottom of what procrastination is and what types of procrastination exist. The course examines where procrastination comes from and how it holds you back in your achievements. There are specific lectures with tips to deal with “perfectionism”, “dealing with distractions”, if you  are overwhelmed and “don’t know where to start” and if you just “don’t want to do a task”.

What are students saying about this course?

“I enjoyed this very interesting course about procrastination– the what it is, excuses/causes, and actionable tips and suggestions. Denise Fletcher is an excellent motivational coach, I appreciate her attitude of positive support and encouragement. Production quality is excellent, for a concise, helpful seminar I was able to listen through in one shot while walking. Plenty of resources and support. I love that I can put so much of this information into practice immediately to reverse procrastination tendencies– look, I’ve followed up with a review in less than one day!” – Sherri

What Will You Learn?

  • define what is meant by procrastination
  • identify the types of procrastination
  • clarify what you procrastinate about
  • recognise the excuses we make to ourselves about procrastination
  • unpick the causes of procrastination
  • discover tips to deal with perfectionism
  • uncover tips to deal with disorganisation
  • identify tips to deal with tasks where you don’t know where to start
  • discover tips to cope with tasks you don’t want to do
  • create a plan of action to combat your own procrastination

There are three main sections to the course

  1. What is Procrastination?
  2. Identifying your Procrastination causes and excuses.
  3. Creating an action plan to banish Procrastination.

This course is made up of video lectures taking you on a journey of reflection and self-discovery. It will be a good idea to get a pen and pad to jot down your thoughts as you go through the lectures. The great thing about video lectures is that you can stop, start and replay as often as you like so you can learn at your own place. On top of this if you have questions or want to discuss anything than you can message me in the course or privately.

One thing is certain though… If you action the learning from this course you WILL solve a personal problem or work issue or start to move it on towards a solution.

No more time wasting – let’s get stuck in!

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