Resilience is the ability to bounce back from tough situations and to avoid becoming a victim of helplessness.

Being resilient can help you manage stress, lower your chances of depression, and has even been proven to make people live longer.

You may feel like you’ve had so much bad luck that it’s impossible to come out strong on the other end, but that stops here. Once you learn to seize your life by the reins and prepare for the unexpected, you’ll be on your way to being a more resilient person — and to living a happier, more purpose-filled life.

Increasing your resilience can be attained by coping healthfully with difficult emotions and situations, engaging in resilient actions, thinking resiliently, and maintaining your resilience in the long-term.

 So let’s look at your own resilience – answer these questions

Are you resilient?

What do you observe about resilient people?


Who do you consider to be resilient? At work? In your life? And why?


What do you need resilience for?


What happens if you are not resilient?


Here’s a great quiz to test your resilience.

Here are some tips to be more resilient – What are you going to do?

30 Ideas to build your resilience

1.    Take stock of your life – future, money, relationships, home, career, health, self, life-balance.

2.    Recognise and manage how do you react to stress? How do you cope?

3.    Learn to meditate even just 20 minutes can help

4.    Practice mindfulness, just 5 minutes can help

5.    Practice gratefulness, what 3 things are you grateful for every day?

6.    Enjoy humour and search it out

7.    Ask for support, get a coach / counsellor

8.    Carry out acts of kindness, plan a small act every day or more

9.    Focus on your health – diet and exercise

10.  Look for the good in the bad

11.  Ask yourself “What is this trying to teach me?”

12.  Ask yourself “what choices do I have?”

13.  Make peace with your past

14.  Try journaling or keeping a diary about your feelings

15.  Try volunteering or giving back

16.  Be open minded – see the good in every person

17.  Be positive – catch your negativity and flip it to positivity

18.  Be solutions focused rather than problem centric

19.  Override the natural instinct to pay attention to the negative

20.  Work out your life purpose – remind yourself of your reason for being

21.  Set personal goals and make sure you are working towards your goals

22.  Learn something new – something random or different

23.  Nourish and grow your creativity

24.  Focus on what you can control

25.  Avoid being hungry

26.  Nip anger in the bud

27.  Make sure you sleep enough

28.  Go for a walk – get a dog

29.  Practice Yoga

30.  Drink more water

So what are you going to do to build your resilience?

Whatever you choose to do needs to become part of your life.

Create habits for resilience and reap the rewards.