Zuckerberg Change

The world of work and business is changing rapidly at the moment and there seems to be a high level of economic uncertainty. For many people this constant and rapid change can make them feel out of control. This in turn can create distress and stress. If you are a business leader having to Manage Change can be equally as difficult and stressful. One way of combating the impact of change is to get in control and if you are a leader help others to understand Change.

Here are some Quick Tips to boost YOUR ability to cope with Change.

1. Examine areas of your business/career/life which you want to improve.

2. Work out how you can behave differently in your business/career/life to be better.

3. Analyse your attitude to change – on a scale of 1-10 how change focused are you?

4. Consider what the next change will / might be. Anticipate and accept that change is inevitable.

5. Ask others for ideas and opinions.

6. If you are resistant to change try to identify why and what is holding you back.
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7. When faced with an issue to solve look for at least three possible solutions.

8. Try to think “outside the box”: sometimes “Wild Cards” work.

9. Start with a “What if…….thought and then try to think through how you can achieve it.

10. Learn more about how people and yourself react to change.

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Here’s a little taster

Time to Reflect:

How does change impact on you and how do you cope? How do people around you cope with change? Let me know…..