Do you want to be a good manager?

Do you want to get things done at work?

Do you want to have a motivated and engaged team?

I imagine the answer to these questions are a big resounding “Yes”

So what can you do to achieve this?

Because I have been a manager and also an HR practitioner I see both the reality of being a manager doing the day job but also the text book way of how things should be in an ideal world. Because of this I like to keep things simple. I believe the easier you can manage people and the job in hand the more likely you are going to have success.

I can promise you there is no mystery to this and you will have heard of my ideas before. However just implementing as many of my ideas as possible will reap rewards in making your job as a manager easier.

So what is this quick and easy way to be a great manager and get things done?

It’s a simple PLAN-DO-REVIEW cycle

PLAN DO REVIEWTo be successful in simple terms you need to PLAN what you are going to do, DO it and then REVIEW what you have done

So what do you need to do to implement the practical management model of PLAN-DO-REVIEW?


Planning is all about looking at the big picture of where you want to be and what to want to achieve and then planning to achieve it so the fundamental components are:-

o   Knowing what you want to achieve

o   Communicating what you want to achieve

o   Setting objectives for people in the team so they know what you want to achieve and the part they play in it


Doing is all about action and making sure you achieve what you need to achieve to get the result you are looking for. The fundamental components of “Doing” are:-

o   Making sure people have the skills to achieve their objectives

o   Making sure employees are motivated to achieve what their objectives

o   Making sure employees are given regular feedback about their performance so they know what they are doing well and also what they need to improve


Reviewing is all about monitoring what is being achieved, dealing with areas where performance is not delivering the result and then looking forward to achieving more. The components of the “Review” stage are:-

o   121’s to treat everyone as an individual

o   Team meetings to communicate progress and involve everyone

o   Appraisals / Annual Review


The crucial learning point with this model is that it is cyclical and never-ending –once you PLAN-DO-REVIEW then you move into PLAN-DO-REVIEW again and so on.

You only have a certain amount of time to achieve your goals so I suggest you spend 20% of time Planning, 60% of time Doing and 20% of time Reviewing. The difficulty for many managers is keeping the planning component to 20% and moving into action. Action is where the job gets done!

What are your thoughts?