GetaJobWe live in ever changing times. These days there are few jobs which are for life. Technological changes has meant that jobs are changing too.

In addition many of us change with age and experience too. So where you start on your career journey might not be where you want to be after a few years. Is this you?

Work is a very important part of our lives and we spend many hours / years working so getting a job/ career you like makes your life a lot happier and less stressful.



Ten tips to get a new job in difficult times

  1. Keep applying for vacancies  where your skills fit or you can cover 80% of the job description. The more you apply for the more chance of success. Don’t be worried by rejection.
  2. Treat job hunting as a job work on it daily.
  3. Build an online presence  by joining online networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Groups…keep it professional though.
  4. Build relationships by keeping in touch with former employers and colleagues, friends, friends-of-friends either online or in person.
  5. Assess your transferable skills Employers are always looking for people who fit in with the team or are good at customer service etc.
  6. Update your skills, improve your qualifications or skills. Employers like to see someone taking responsibility for their own development.
  7. Be flexible – part-time or temporary work can and does lead to other opportunities. 
  8. Volunteer to get experience if you have a gap in skills. Charities always want an extra pair of hands.
  9. Try speculative letters / emails to companies you want to work for. Don’t give up if you get no response but don’t pester either.
  10. Improve yourself with a mentor / coach – could you improve on your c.v., interview skills, self-presentation etc?

Time to Reflect:

Are you doing all you can do to take control of your job / career?

Hate your job