If you’re going through a period of uncertainty either in your career or your life, or thinking of making major changes,  it is a good opportunity to identify your values and what is important to you. Identifying and being clear about what is important to you is an important foundation stone in  creating a life and career that gives you satisfaction and motivation.

So how do you go about identifying the “values” which are important to you?

Try this questionnaire…… Pick out the Top 10 statements from the list below that are important to you;

  1. Living comfortably and improving my living standards.
 2. Owning my own house  3. Creating or being involved in the beauty of things.
4.  Having good health. 5.  Living to a ripe old age.  6. Having a secure job and salary.
7.  Being successful in my work.  8. Showing concern  and care for others.  9. Being part of a happy and healthy family.
10.  Enjoying and finding significant true relationships. 11.  Fighting for what I believe in. 12.  Being involved in risk, daring and adventure.
13.  Being involved in art. 14.  Having the status to direct others and to be in charge. 15.  Changing the world for the better.
16.  Preserving the good of the past. 17.  Solving problems/ troubleshooting/overcoming obstacles. 18.   Being with others and being sociable.
19.  Being active in my local community. 20.  Proving myself by winning. 21.  Sticking to what I believe in and value.
22.  Creating new thoughts, ideas and concepts. 23.  Being calm and in control. 24.  Being free and being me.
25.  Resolving disputes. 26.  Working on the frontiers of technology. 27.  Having a closeness with my inner self or having meaning.
28.  Being exposed to danger. 29.  Enjoying my sensuality. 30.  Being an acknowledged member of the team.
31.  Striving for something. 32.  Being courageous. 33.   Being carefree and ‘letting things happen’.
34.  Being self-determined and choosing my options. 35.  Being politically involved. 36.  Working to a high precision and being attentive to details.
37.  Being humble. 38.   Exploring the unknown. 39.   Influencing the views of others.
40.   Being recognised and respected for what I do. 41.  Shining in front of others. 42.   Being wealthy.
43.   Spending my time organising and directing. 44.  Striving to achieve a cause, justice or another wider aim. 45.  Achieving spiritual fulfilment.
46.   Achieving wisdom and maturity. 47.   Being famous, a celebrity or recognised in public. 48.  Being charitable or of service to others.
49.   Developing myself into a more satisfying, worthwhile person. 50.  Other (please specify)


Time to Reflect:
Is your career to date and what you plan to do in the future a good match for your personal values?
If not then take action today and make changes to get a more fulfilling job – What can you do to take action today? Where can you start?
Hate your job