In today’s society where jobs and businesses are under threat due to economic uncertainty just being good at a job isn’t enough. There is a need to forge strong relationships with a wide range of people and to avoid unhealthy conflict. Here are some tips to help to boost your interpersonal skills.

1. Actively work at building good relationships and rapport with people

2. Flex your style to meet the needs of others – don’t expect others to fit in with you

3. Be honest, authentic and real to make people feel comfortable around you

4. Seek first to understand and then be understood. Listen first and ask questions to find out more

5. Find a role model who builds good relationships with people to observe

6. Look for win / win solutions not win/lose or lose/win. Learn to compromise

7. Never abuse your power and position

8. If you have conflict with certain people look for reasons why and stop the conflict

9. Take responsibility for your part in any conflict even if the reason for the conflict wasn’t your fault

10. Obtain a coach to improve your relationship skills. Contact to find out how a coaching can be a cost effective way to improve your relationships with others

Time to Reflect: Are you good at building relationships with people? What do you need to do to improve your skills in building relationships?