How focused are you on achieving results? Do you even know what you’re trying to achieve and why? Perhaps like me you’re a person who starts each week with an enormous to do list but finds themselves side-tracked on Monday morning? Perhaps you’re a person who has too much to do each week? Here’s some Quick Tips to boost your focus on results.

1. Check out why you do the tasks you do and make sure they are the right tasks.

2. Make sure your objectives are SMART and written down.

3. Recognise how you are side-tracked so that you can avoid it.

4. Use Action Plans to plan objectives and monitor performance.

5. Be aware of procrastination which can be the thief of all time.

6. Develop creative approaches to get the job done on time.

7. Give ongoing feedback to continuously develop people and ask for feedback yourself.

8. Keep yourself (and your team) motivated by celebrating both the small wins and big wins.

9. Keep people updated with your work. Talking about it keeps it fresh in your mind.

10. Contact to find out how a coaching can be a cost effective way to improve your focus on results

Time to Reflect: Are you good at working through your To-Do list? Do you know what steals your time each day and side-tracks you?