I had a knock at the door today and it was an elderly lady who I occasionally bump into on my dog walks and chat to.

She wanted to give me a Christmas card and said to me,


Thank you for talking to me, I know you are on your own with your son and I imagine that your life is tough so if you need help with your dogs when you are working let me know and I’ll come and keep them company.”

She didn’t know where I lived but had tracked me down by asking other dog walkers where I lived.

Now that really choked me – how touching…..I had a little cry

I thought about when I’d seen her over the year and I couldn’t recollect a significant conversation but whatever the conversation it had made an impact on her.

I thought some more and remembered meeting her a couple of times and maybe talking to her for 10 minutes or so. I remember she was talking  a lot ….telling me the “ins-and-outs” of her life at that moment. I remember thinking, “She’s lonely.”

I can’t remember doing anything significant other than being myself and listening to her.

Whatever I did had an impact on her and made her think about me enough to bring me a Christmas card.

So why am I sharing this with you…..just purely to share a beautiful act of kindness on her part but also the realisation of how powerful listening is.


When did you last listen to someone even for just 5 minutes?

Can you try it?


Kindness to others