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One of my burning desires in life is to be able to help people for free. For a number of years I have always provided some free coaching and help for people especially those unable to pay. Sadly I can’t do this all the time with a mortgage, bills to pay and an increasingly expensive teenager to clothe and feed!

Having previously run charity events to raise money for The Preston Domestic Violence Service and The Rosemere Cancer Foundation, this year I wanted to reach a wider audience. So along with over thirty passionate and vibrant women from around the world we decided to “Make it Happen” and we created an online course “Empowering Women for Success”.

This FREE online course has 46 lectures with over four hours of content, delivered in a combination of short videos, audios and text covering a wide range of topics with the aim to…

Boost confidence and self-esteem to build a foundation for success.
Learn leadership skills to implement in the workplace, at home or in business.
Take care of yourself in the midst of taking care of so many others.
Develop hands-on business skills.
Learn social media and web development insights.

The course was launched on International Women’s Day, March 8th 2015



with the theme #MakeItHappen .

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So far we have built a community of over 2000 women ( and men) in over 100 countries. So my aim to reach a wider audience has been achieved.

I want to share this gift with you all for yourselves (male or female), your families and friends so please enrol and share. Join us now and #MakeitHappen.