What are you like as a giver of feedback?

I always think that the way someone gives feedback says more about the feedback giver than the receiver. What type are you?


Are you a “HALF-FULL glass” feedback giver and look for the positive in how you give feedback?

Are you mindful about the impact on a person about your feedback? Do you recognise and have empathy for the person you are giving feedback to? Do you recognise that the person you give feedback to will generally have positive intentions with what they do? Do you prefer to be constructive?


Are you a “HALF-EMPTY glass” feedback giver and see giving feedback as an opportunity to be more critical?

Do you feel the need to be brutally honest with little regard for the person? Is your feedback more or in some cases completely negative? Is your feedback personal about them as a person? Do you feel good when you give feedback in this way?


Here are some tips to deliver your feedback in a positive way

  1. Remember there is a person just like you receiving your feedback
  2. Negative feedback will be more damaging than constructive feedback
  3. Seeing the positive in people will reap rewards and make you feel good
  4. The way you deliver feedback will say more about you than who/ what you give feedback about

What tips do you have?

If you find giving feedback difficult or have difficult feedback to give then contact me to work out how to deliver it.