Procrast Cat



I am a great procrastinator….I can assure you that it isn’t a claim to fame!

It’s never a problem at the time but more often than not I am kicking myself and putting myself under immense pressure on the eve of a deadline. Notoriously at University I often worked through the night to finish assignments having faffed around during the day. 

Who else can relate to this?


So why do you let yourself procrastinate?

1.    Is it the rebel in you? A chance for you to be naughty? Maybe you don’t like rules / authority?

2.    Maybe you don’t like what you have to do? – if you procrastinate at work you may even be in the wrong career?

3.    Maybe you prefer to do something else – something else seems more interesting?

4.    Maybe you’re not motivated by the task?

5.    Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the task and not know where to start?

6.    Maybe you get easily distracted? Social media? The Internet? Telephone calls?

7.    Maybe you are so disorganised that you spend ages hunting for lost information, emails, letters, files etc?

 So even though there are some quick wins or benefits to procrastination the downside of procrastination can outweigh the benefits and procrastination can get out of control.

What procrastination habit(s) gets the better of you and what can you do to combat it /them?

If you want to explore your procrastination habits further or if your procrastination is more complex then I can help.