Getting a GOOD coach is actually a lottery.

There are so many coaches out there….some would say, “too many” and some would say, “what do they do?”.

However we are hearing more and more that coaching is a good thing. So how do you know who is a GOOD coach?

Here’s my criteria for choosing a GOOD coach

5 things that make a good coach


There are loads of qualifications out there and it is difficult to know what is the crème de la crème of coaching. Generally anyone can be a coach. But a GOOD coach will have a variety of coach training.

Some tips:

- Level 7 is good, level 4 is basic so ask what level the coaches training is

- Degree/Masters level (many years training and assessment) or a short course (a weekend or a few weeks)

NB being a member of a coaching association does not mean your coach is well qualified

Coaching Process Clarity

- A GOOD coach will follow a good process and tell you about it

- An inexperienced coach will just start coaching you without explaining the process / contracting

Breadth of Experience

- This can be to do with number of years practicing as a coach and/or the breadth or organisational / sector exposure.

N.B. Be wary of coaches who tell you they have many years coaching as a manager in a company. That is a different type of coaching.

- It is important to assess the versatility of your coach. A coach who has worked in one place / sector for a long time will be limited in their experience. Compared to a coach who has experienced different sectors and different organisations.

Breadth of analysis tools

- A GOOD coach will have a range of analysis tools in their kitbag which could be analysis of behaviour, EQ, MBTI, NLP, Mindfulness and more….

- An inexperienced coach will rely on a single model / theory for example an NLP coach relies on NLP and a Mindfulness coach relies on Mindfulness.


- This is crucial. Coaches need to be confidential and not report back to anyone even in an organisation.

- Also record keeping needs to be clarified.

Coaches who don’t follow these principles give coaching a bad name. If you want to know more about choosing the right coach for you or your organisation please contact me. I am passionate about coaching and coaching standards.

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