Life if beautiful


If you are having a bad time and there seems to be nothing you can do to change it being Mindful can get you through the day.

What is Mindfulness?

I like this quote from Christopher Bergland –

Mindfulness is simply about being mindful of what you’re thinking and deciding where you choose to focus your attention. Ideally, one would choose to focus his or her attention towards compassion, loving-kindness, and optimism. Mindfulness is about deciding to look on the bright side and deciding to be kind to yourself and others. That’s it.

So what are my tips for having a mindful day?

1.       Start with a good stretch when you wake up.

2.       Spend a moment reflecting about the good things in your life.

3.       Smile the biggest

4.       Stand outside in the morning air and feel the day.

5.       Spend a moment to savour your cup of tea, coffee or water.

6.       Look in the mirror and appreciate your beauty.

7.       Go for a walk.

8.       Listen to the sounds of nature.

9.       Feel the air.

10.   Look at your environment – notice where buildings meet the sky.