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You want feedback, you ask for it but little comes back? Or what comes back is platitudes or only from the most verbal people. So how do you get real useful feedback from all sorts of people?
We all know that feedback can be useful. Even if you hear stuff you don’t want to you can find some good in the feedback that could make you better at what you do.

So if you are not getting the feedback you want you are probably asking in the wrong way. There may not be enough trust in either you, the company or both. That is a gift of feedback in itself.

So how can you get useful feedback?
What do you do to create the right environment / culture for a diverse range of people to feedback in their style not yours?

The simple answer is that you have to ask, ask and ask again in many different ways and make giving and receiving feedback routine.

What do you do to get feedback?
How do you get people to tell you what they think?

if you want to explore this in more detail then please contact me.

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