self-aware vs self-doubt1

I find coaching easy and natural. And over the last 20 years I’ve coached hundreds of people and my belief is that coaching people is essentially around either a lack of self-awareness or too much self-doubt, and sometimes both.
Think about it….

• The person who is highly qualified suddenly finds that another person less qualified has gained the promotion they were looking for
• The person who for years has wanted to leave employment but can’t quite make the move
• The person who continually has poor relationships, making the same mistakes over and over again
• The person who has labelled themselves as stupid because they failed exams at school
• The person who is life and soul of the party but secretly is lonely

The solution for these people will lie around self-awareness or self-doubt or a combination of the two.

Take some time to think about what holds you back in life / work. Is it lack of self-awareness or too much self-doubt?

In my coaching sessions I often find that understanding this about the issue a person is bringing to coaching creates a moment of clarity or a light bulb moment and then the path forward really begins.

Light bulb

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