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There are a raft of personal development books out in the universe so it is clear that there is a demand from people who want to improve themselves. It is easy to get shelves and shelves of personal development books but still not be able to sort out issues out.

So why does self-coaching have limitations?

  • Firstly you might find it difficult to decide what issue to work on
  • You might find it difficult to be realistic about what is achievable
  • You may focus on too large a problem and then become overwhelmed. This is sometimes called “trying to eat an elephant”
  • There is a tendency for us to go from problem to solution without really thinking it through
  • Sometimes our emotions can get in the way of seeing the reality of a situation.
  • Sometimes we are too self-critical to be objective
  • Sometimes we can’t see the facts of a situation
  • Sometimes we can’t see how this situation has happened
  • Sometimes we struggle to be creative about solutions and can’t imagine there are more than a couple of options
  • Sometimes we can be unrealistic about how to get going with a solution
  • Sometimes we can over commit themselves to change and then not start
  • Sometimes we don’t set up a safety net for support

One of the reasons employing a coach is so successful is that a good coach will spot much of the above and be able to interrupt and challenge. So a coach can help a person get to an actionable solution much quicker than working alone.

However self-coaching coupled with a coach is the recipe for success. A mixture of both is the ultimate “dream team”. 


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