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Hello Procrastinators,

I have been a procrastinator for many years. There isn’t a “cure” as such because like any bad habits they often sneak up on us again. I constantly go through a period of not procrastinating and then procrastination creeps in bit by bit again and I have to catch myself and then refocus.

I’d love to know your stories about procrastination and how you keep yourself on track or even get yourself back on track. Please let me know.


I came across this comic approach to procrastination which made me smile….procrastination_mashable_20px

Do any of these resonate with you? Let me know.

I provide 121 coaching and can be your accountability partner. In addition to this I have created an online video course all about procrastination.

Here’s a sneak preview…


 Always Tomorrow

No more excuses! Time to take ACTION