Are you unhappy with something in your life but feel you can’t escape?   Maybe it’s your job or maybe it’s your home life? Every time you even think about trying to change it you realise there will be knock on effects on everything and everyone in your life. There seems to be no solution.

For example, you are dreadfully unhappy in your job but are tied by the monthly wage. If you leave, it will impact on your family. If you stay it feels like it’s destroying you as a person. Getting another job is difficult. So you feel trapped. There seems to be no way out.

Or at home you are struggling financially and your house is falling to bits. Everywhere you turn there is another bill. You go to work, you come home. You have no money. You’re not living. So you feel trapped.

These situations can lead to despair and lead to stress, depression, anxiety and other physical illnesses.

Unless you win the lottery then often it feels that there is no solution.

So how do you escape? 

1.       Accept that any uncomfortable decisions made will lead to change.

2.       Acknowledge that uncomfortable actions will lead to change.

3.       Know that some change is better than no change.

4.       Small changes will lessen the emotional impact and will lead to more changes.

5.       Even tiny steps will be steps in the right direction.

6.       Having a clear vision on what you want or what you don’t want will keep you focussed.

7.       Accepting that everything in time is temporary – tomorrow is a new day and a new start.

8.       Things can often get worse before they get better.

9.       Burying your feelings may help in the short term but beware feelings have a way of popping up when you are not expecting.

10.   Remind yourself of your strengths and skills – keep boosting your positivity and good vibes.

Time to Reflect:

What do you feel trapped about? What would you like to escape from? What could your first steps be? When are you going to start?


Power Coach 11