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Self –awareness is all about knowing yourself and knowing how you impact on others. There are so many people who are not self-aware…you may know people who have no idea about themselves and how they come across to others. Also it is difficult sometimes to reflect and be honest about ourselves. But knowing yourself is probably the key factor in being successful and more importantly being happy.

Self-awareness is the key to success. Why?

Simply the more you know yourself then the easier it is to…

  • Develop yourself
  • Understand other people
  • Understand the impact you have on other people
  • Maximise your positive impact on other people
  • Take control of any negative impact you have on other people
  • Build better relationships with other people
  • Be confident

So how can you become more self-aware?

Here are some tips

1.       Ask people for feedback – be brave and listen. Ask a range of people – Work, family, friends.

2.       Ask people what you could develop to be better.

3.       Complete self-awareness quizzes.

4.       Find out what your strengths are.

5.       Play to your strengths, we all have allowable weaknesses!

6.       Read / research – books and the internet have loads of great information.

7.       Compare yourself to someone you aspire to be like – what is it they do that is different?

8.       Ask someone you trust to help you.

9.       Reflect everyday about the interactions you have had and ask yourself whether you could improve them.

10.   Seek out someone you have conflict with and ask them what they think about you.