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Denise Fletcher

Managing Change 80% OFF

Procrastination 80% OFF

Setting Goals 79% OFF


Kristen Palana

Lifehack With Color Psychology: Increase Your Impact 74% OFF

Web Snax: Right-Brained Recipes For Easy Web Site Design 87% OFF

How I Raised $100K For Charity With No Fundraising Experience 68% OFF


Majo Jacinto

Accounting Simplified For You (part 1) 74% OFF

Accounting  Simplified for You (part 2) 74% OFF

US Basic Income Tax – prepare & e-file your own 74% OFF


Michelle Campbell-Scott

Electronic Shorthand: Massively improve your productivity 82% OFF

How to Double your Royalties: Get your Book into Print 89% OFF

Make Money with a Properly-Formatted eBook 87% OFF

Goodreads for Authors 74% OFF

Email Marketing for Authors 83% OFF


Snehal Wagh

Profitable Blogging: Not a writer? Not a problem! 89% OFF

Study Skills: 3X Your Productivity with Timetables 74% OFF

Fiverr Advanced: Double Your Sales 79% OFF


Jacqui Malpass

Writing to Heal: Change your life with your journal 80% OFF

Plan your non fiction book in a weekend – simple steps to becoming a published author 87% OFF

Profit from your knowledge – turn your book into a course 85% OFF


Nancy Hendrickson

Freelance Secrets – How to Become a Freelance Writer 87% OFF

Create High Quality Pictures using an iPhone! 65% OFF


Sharon Ramel

Receive Shamanic Rites (the Munay-Ki) to fulfill you life vision. 79% OFF

Chakra Dance & Meditate – the fun way to renewed health and vigour64% OFF


Elena Seranova

Find your Valentine and transform yourself in order to be the best version of your irresistible self! 48% OFF!

Comprehend and compare multiple complementary Autism treatments, learn about genetic factors and external triggers that may lead to autistic symptoms. 35% OFF!


Kimberly Koehler

Find Love Online: Online Dating Strategies That Work 87% OFF

Habits: 3 Easy Steps to Creating Habits That Last 48% OFF


Charity Cason

How I Make $2500 a Month Selling Easy to Find Items on eBay 78% OFF

Facebook Marketing & Ads for Authors and Internet Marketers 78% OFF

How to Write, Self Publish, Market & Promote Your Books 82% OFF

Udemy Course Creation Success Blueprint – Publish & Profit 63% OFF

How to Become a Highly Paid Freelance Online Ghostwriter 79% OFF


Teagan Fea

The 7 Keys to Healing The Pain of Depression 28% OFF

Love, Peace & Stillness Meditation Retreat JUST £20



Rachel Leroy

Become a Professional Writer: Build Prose From the Ground Up 89% OFF


Gail Seymour

Book Typography: Manuscript to Print-Ready PDF in MS Word 80% OFF


Larissa Fontenot

Excel Productivity Hacks: How I Finish Projects In Minutes £39 only

US Tax Preparation: Learn To DIY, Save Money & Pay Less Tax 59% OFF


Nicola Blakemore

Watercolor painting, learn how, through PLAY and DEMOS. 86% OFF

Paint this Watercolours in FIVE Stages. Watch as I Paint it. 86% OFF

Watercolour painting. PAINT, LEARN and SELL. 86% OFF

Watercolour Painting Special Effects – MUST HAVE for artists ONLY £16


Lisa Cain

How To Make More Money by Setting the Right Price: Pricing for Profits! 62% OFF

Bulls Eye Positioning: Find Your Profitable Target Market 79% OFF


Trisha Bartle

Your Alter Ego: Increase Motivation & Become Your Best Self 74% OFF


Samantha Laing and Karen Greaves

Agile Management: The art of servant leadership 50% OFF

Agile and Scrum: Understanding the basics easily 50% OFF

Make your agile team faster and more productive. 50% OFF


Elly Pirocacos

Four Ethics for Life 79% OFF


Indigo Ocean Dutton

Introvert Marketing Masterclass: More Income, Less Stress 62% OFF

Salesforce New User Training: Get the Job, Raise or Career 50% OFF

Salesforce Beginner’s Complete System Administrator Training 10% OFF


Ágnes Ferenczi

Audacity for Instructors and Podcasters – Master Audacity 36% OFF

Crocheting for Beginners with Crochet Projects 53% OFF


Angelika Davey

Beginners’ German for busy people – for business or holidays 79% OFF


Salma Jafri

Freelance with Elance: How YOU can Earn $2000+ Per Client 50% OFF


Jia Sen

Photoshop CS: Learn Professional Environment Painting Vol.I 85% OFF


Dr Valarie Whiting

Secrets Revealed!  Autism Resources for Educating your family 47% OFF

Easy Tips!  Teaching Children with Autism in your Classroom 71% OFF


Stefanie Cronin

Blogging Masterclass : Blogging from Basic to Affiliate Marketing Ninja 50% OFF


Helen Bradley

Jumpstart learning Illustrator by harnessing your Photoshop Knowledge 79% OFF


Christine Maisel

Udemy Course Marketing: Get More Students, Reviews & Profits 89% OFF

Start a Home Web Design Business and Make $1,000+ Per Month 94% OFF


Susan Gast

Food Dehydrating Made Easy! For Fruit, Veggies, Meat & more! 74% OFF


Judy Clark

Are customers being served? 50% OFF

Michele Lashley

How to Launch a Copywriting Business That Works for You! 48% OFF


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