Are you good at managing yourself, your emotions or behaviour? Or do you have moments where you put your foot in it, wished you hadn’t said what you did or lost your temper? Being able to manage yourself, your moods and your behaviours will impact on maximising your potential for success. Here are my quick tips to boost your self-management ability.

1. Count to 10 before reacting / responding

2. Think before you act

3. Choose your attitude – are you positive or negative – is your attitude OK?

4. Analyse situations where things haven’t gone particularly well to find out why – ask for feedback

5. Ask yourself what sort of impact your behaviour has on others – look at these “Tips to Boost your Self-awareness”

6. Adopt a flexible approach when dealing with people. Choose the “approach which is right for them”

7. Tell yourself that negative moods are not acceptable when working with others – it isn’t fair to bucket dump on others

8. Ask others about how you impact on others

9. Find a role model who is good at self-management and watch how they deal with situations

10. Invest in a Coach to help you to manage yourself more effectively– Contact for more details about how coaching can be a quick and cost effective way to manage yourself.